Kyoto HANNARI Walk

We will take you to the deepest part of Kyoto known only to Kyoto people

The guides are

experts living in Kyoto


Experience first-class traditional craftsmanship



Experience the finest gastronomy and traditions

with all your senses


A glimpse into the deep Kyoto

known only to the people of Kyoto


Why not try an experience

that is only available now?


Tea Ceremony Experience with First-Class Traditional Crafts

We offer a special experience where you can come into contact with first-class art that has inherited tradition over 1200 years and became more beautiful.

The beauty of things becomes more beautiful over time as it is used more and more. It is called “Furubiru” in Japanese.

You can learn about traditional crafts that continue to be loved by people through the aging process, and enjoy matcha green tea and Japanese sweets with valuable traditional crafts.

You can also learn about the etiquette of the tea ceremony.


Time: 1 hour (Starts at 11:00)

Minimum number of participants: 2 (up to 8)

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Learn and enjoy Japanese cuisine at one of Kyoto’s best restaurants

Enjoy seasonal gourmet food at a famous Kyoto restaurant.

You can learn Japanese etiquette and the seasonal calendar of Kyoto.

You can also enjoy the delicate taste, the beauty of art, and the traditional techniques of the chef with all five senses.

Location: Matsumuro (restaurant)

Time: 2 hours (Starts at 12:00)

Minimum number of participants: 2

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Insider tour in Gion, Kyoto

Take a leisurely stroll through Gion area.

We will provide seasonal topics that can only be heard here, such as information only the locals know, stories about “Hanamachi”, and the charm of famous shops.

Enjoy it as if you were a native.

Location: Gion area

Time: 1 hour (Starts at 14:00)

Minimum number of participants: 2

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